STEMist Hacks Rulebook

Hello Hackers! We know that joining a hackathon is a great and fun experience, but there are rules and guidelines that you must adhere to. Please read the following before proceeding on. If there are any questions, please forward them to our team in our Discord server or to



  1. Any hacker from any ethnicity and geographical background is welcome. However, videos and workshops will only be provided in English.

  2. A participant’s age must fall within the proper age restrictions from 13 years to 18 years old. If you are under the age of 13, you MUST have a guardian's authorization to participate. If you are found to be without proper permission, you will be disqualified immediately.

  3. Physical prizes will only be shipped to locations in the United States. Electronic prizes are eligible for every hacker.

  4. Teams are allowed a range of 2 hackers to 5 hackers. Hacking individually is encouraged as well. However, solo hackers will not be judged separately.




  1. Please treat other hackers, sponsors, judges, speakers, mentors, and any other personnel present at this event with the utmost respect- they are humans too! If you are found to constantly violate the rules of conduct, you will be indefinitely disqualified and suspended from future STEMist Hacks hackathons immediately.

  2. All design elements, software, hardware, electrical components (with exceptions to basic necessities such as wires and cameras) must be created either during the allocated time frame from the start of the hackathon to the end, or within another hackathon no more than 5 years ago in its and only its time frame. Resubmissions from other hackathons are allowed ONLY if they were similarly created in under 72 hours and there were no edits or changes to it after the allocated time frame. 

  3. Participants may only participate with ONE user account. They may not create an alternate account of any sort to aid in the popular vote category.

  4. Submit all projects through Devpost. Please submit the following:

    1. Team name

    2. Team members’ first and last name

    3. Development tools used for this project

    4. Github repository (if any)

    5. Any pictures / walkthroughs / videos of your project. The more, the better!